Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stakes In The Ground

More like sticks. We planted sticks. That's what they look like, anyway.                                                              They're actually Heritage Red raspberry sticks. I mean plants. Someday we'll have lots of juicy red raspberries growing along the driveway. And maybe someone will pick them. I don't even like raspberries, but the Tween does. It'll be her job to pick them. 

Besides just plain eating them, there are other uses for raspberries and the plant's leaves. When I was pregnant my midwife suggested raspberry leaf tea. It's used as an herb in female reproductive health. I've also heard it can  be used to for mouthwash (go figure) and as a fertility aid, but we won't be needing it for that.

If these six plants thrive, I'll have to find ways to use them. The Tween can only eat so many.