Friday, May 30, 2008

The Past

We've been a little busy lately, what with fitting in little league, family gatherings, and school events between demolition.
Anyway, I thought I might show what the inside of the house looked like before we purchased it. These photos were taken by the realty company for marketing purposes.

The purpley-pink livingroom. Not horrible, but so not our style ...

the adjoining diningroom ...

and "The Gilded Master"

A Sad Note

We recently learned that the former owner of our house has passed away. Mr. Reid had a more stressful time than we did during the months the bank took to approve the sale. There's no doubt this stress contributed to his declining health. Our deepest sympathies go out to his daughter.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seriously Stinky Stuff

Carpet, carpet, and more carpet. When not properly maintained (and the floors in the place were not), it can be seriously stinky! And draperies Scarlet O'Hara could make several dresses from. Not enough Fabreze in the factory to combat years of neglect!

Fortunately, Rob is on demo patrol. Every last stitch of fabric has been removed from the house, but now resides in the garage (we have a garage!) until Carlos, our partner in rehab and construction can take it away. The stink is almost completely gone.

Next to go is some of the shelving, except for the pieces that are original to the house.

Speaking of original, we have had nightly discussions on what to keep and what to update. Part of me wants to remain true to the mid-century style, but I'm admitting out loud that I'm having a hard time with the pink tile in the main bathroom. I can't tell if it's the color or my general aversion to other people's skeeve. OK, just grossed myself out. On a happier, cleaner note, painting in the kids' rooms is almost complete. They chose pretty traditional boy/girl colors. Go figure.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home At Last!

We spent our first day as home owners exploring and ripping out carpet at 1030 Rock Creek Drive. It was amazing. We met wonderful neighbors (one even mowed our lawn while we went to lunch!) and only left out of exhaustion and lack of daylight (we have to fax documentation showing we are new owners to have power turned on. I won't even tell you the details of the hour and and a half phone call to the phone company!)

Since this has turned out to be a total gut/rehab, we'll be staying in the apartment for another two weeks—at least!

Pictures are coming!