Friday, May 25, 2007

Holy #@%^! What are we doing?!

So, we want to be off the grid. But converting a hundred year old three story victorian was not an option. Rob has always wanted to build his own house (he's an architect, that's what they do). Of course, with a mortgage and two small kids, camping out on an empty lot wasn't going to go over too well with the grandparents.

"Lets live in a two bedroom shack! Two bedrooms and the necessities are all we need while we construct the zero energy addition. " The sparkle in his eye was too great to ignore. This boy was serious.

Hmm ... moving from a five bedroom victorian to a two bedroom "shack." As a city girl who grew up in a seven bedroom victorian, I'm kinda thinkin' no. But living in a ZEH that Rob created was something we have talked about for years. A hunting I went to find a structure that fit the shack idea, and one that wouldn't make me insane for lack of elbow room.

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