Thursday, January 15, 2009

Renovation Nation

Renovation Nation. That's where we've been living for some time. Now we'll have company. With a camera crew.

Renovation Nation is also the name of the green home renovating program on the Planet Green Network. The program is hosted by Steve Thomas, formerly of This Old House.

What company will we have, you ask (or maybe you don't)? 
Besides being a huge fan of home renovation shows—this one in particular—we've been selected to be a part of  an episode in the near future. You have no idea how hard I'm trying right now not to let my total geek-out excitement come through on this post. I like to think I come across as calm and level-headed in public so I save the geeking out for my immediate family. 

When I told my nine-year-old about appearing on the show she gave me this knowing look, then said, "this is like a dream for you, isn't it?"

Why, yes dear, yes it is.


Amazing Toddler's Mom said...

Whoa! Totally awesome. You have to let us know when you're on the show. We are big fans of home renovation shows (mostly DIY, but now we'll have to start checking out the Planet Green shows too). I'd be a total geek about this - although my dream come true would be "Mission Organization" or "Clean Sweep"

Aissia Lei said...

So glad you took my idea to shop your renovations to the Green Channel.

Looking forward to the Renovation Watch night party when the episode airs.

In keeping with the conservationist theme, I’m into promoting small meals to conserve my financial resources.

I've got a great new recipe book on tapas I've been dieing to try for an occasion that warrants it like a launch party for a energy efficient renovation show.


Nice said...

Actually they found us, along with several other people in the area. Our friends were scheduled to be on but were canceled at the last minute. We were kind of hoping they would cancel us (they did but reinstated before we even knew we were canceled) because it is incredibly stressful.

I totally love your "watch night" idea. I'm taken it!