Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Deed Is Done

I couldn't figure out why I have been breaking out in hives for the past two weeks. That occassionally happens when I'm under real stress, but I've been feeling very excited by this new chapter. "Could it be because your entire life is being upheaved?" Rob asked. Ohhh, right ... that is whats happening, isn't it? Underneath the outward excitement is the shear panic of changing a relatively settled family life. Made worse by highly acidic food/drink, that would do it. Damn! No wine or tomato sauce for weeks. So much for comfort consumables

Contracts have been signed, money has been exchanged. The reality is setting in. We're moving.
From three stories to one. City life (sort of) to the burbs (sort of). Public sewage to septic tanks. Slightly annoying commute to a possible real pain in the ass one. Still, its all very exciting. We're that much closer to going off the grid. And having a master suite is pretty cool too.


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