Monday, June 16, 2008

Fortress of Sustainablility

This is what I've decided to call our house (I also call Rob's car The Golden Pius, but thats for another time). Not that the place is a fortress. It isn't even very sustainable yet. Oh, but it will be.

Speaking of sustainable—or rather, not so much—we had the pool service guy come to check out the pool that came with the house. Let's go back a few months. I had this fantasy that we would be living like the rich and famous, lounging in our yard by the pool, all the while trying to rationalize a sustainable lifestyle with a water hogging, chemical guzzling money pit. Well, the pool guy helped with that one. The pool has so many issues that the cost of of getting it running would blow the budget for a pellet stove and a solar hot water system. The pool is now the future sight of the fortress greenhouse.

I thought the blog was long overdue for some photos. Here are a few shots from our early demolition:

Is this a beautiful kitchen or what???

Under the living room carpet: Oak!

Under the dining room carpet: Not oak!

There are also oak floors in the bedrooms and upper level hall. Big bonus. The kitchen, dining room and family rooms need new flooring. We're scheduled to move in next week. Who's idea was this?!

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