Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting There

So, we thought we have the kitchen done by now. As a matter of fact, we thought all the cosmetics would have been completed. Alas ...


5/31/08 7/22-08

Living Room

5/31/08 7/2/08

Taking this much time on cosmetics did allow us to think more about incorporating earth-friendly materials. At first we were so happy to find oak floors in the living room and planned to refinish them. But the room was the "odd man out" since the other floors needed new materials. We decided to go with bamboo for the kitchen and dining room, but we were undecided about the entry hall. Natural linoleum? Then we'd have linoleum, bamboo, and oak all on the same level in an open floor plan. There is such a thing as too much texture. 

Then the plan was to extend the bamboo to the entry hall. Brilliant! Down to only two surfaces. Now the floor guy had to be scheduled to refinish the oak living room. But wait! why not do bamboo on all the floors? It seemed sinful to cover up the oak, but eliminating the dust and chemicals involved in refinishing seemed a perfect solution. And now we just have to wait for the floor guy. 

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